Best Printers for Magnetic stripe cards - Looking for advice on the best card printer for your magnetic stripe card needs? In this post, we’ll explain magnetic encoding and go over our top mag stripe printer picks.

What is Magnetic Encoding?

Magnetic – or mag stripe – encoding offers a low-cost way to include more data on an ID card. Using a magnetic encoder, your ID card printer can store (encode) data on a magnetic (mag) stripe, typically found on the back of the card, when it is printed.

Magnetic stripe – also referred to as swipe – cards are physically swiped through a reader (much like a credit card). The card reader then deciphers the coded data.

When integrated with other systems, magnetic stripe technology can increase the versatility of your cards by allowing them to be used in new ways.

Best Mag Stripe printers - IDCardGroup.comBest Printers for Magnetic (Mag) Stripe Cards

Most printers offer a magnetic stripe encoder option without adding a lot of cost. The printer models selected below all offer an optional magnetic encoder upgrade at purchase. The friendly Evolis Primacy allows you to add a mag encoder later – right in your office. Very convenient.

Our preferred magnetic encoding printer choices are:

Magnetic stripe ID card - medium security

Are Magnetic Stripe Cards Right for Me?

Magnetic stripe technology has been around for decades, and provides an affordable option for low security environments and convenience-based applications. Common uses of standard magnetic stripe cards include:

  • Loyalty or gift cards
  • Membership cards
  • Hotel room keys
  • Time and attendance systems
  • Secure access

Magnetic Stripe Card Stock

ID Card Group carries value-priced generic white and color magnetic card stock – all high quality – as well as name brand mag card stock from Zebra, Magicard, Fargo, and Datacard. See all blank white magnetic card stock.

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