Be honest, most us have either had our own fake ID at one time or another or known someone who does. They’re a literal rite of passage for the average American teenager.

Now, we don’t endorse using fake ID cards, but if you do, make sure they don’t look like the following 15 examples…

1. Batman Bin Superman


Although this ID looks totally fake, amazingly it’s actually legitimate! This guy’s parents must have had a strange or even cruel sense of humor to bless (or curse) their son with this name. “Bin” means “son of”, so his name is really “Batman son of Superman,” which makes it even funnier. Maybe Batman’s parents had an obsession with superheroes that went a little too far.



2. Jango Fett


If you are faking your ID – don’t try and pass yourself off as Bobba Fett’s Son! This guy unfortunately forgot the art of subtlety when choosing a new identity. Bouncers won’t need Jedi mind tricks to see that this ID is a fake.



3. The Joker ID Card

the joker

This Dutchman dressed as the Joker from Batman, managed to outwit the authorities by getting himself a national ID card (and some press). He did this despite the supposedly stringent new rules which outlaw grins, funny faces, and head coverings from national ID pictures. This Dutchman must have been a bit of a “Joker” himself to have the audacity to break nearly all the rules regarding ID photos and get away with it too.



4. Don’t include your girlfriend!

with girlfriend

Jose from Mississippi decided to include his girlfriend in his Fake ID photo. Clearly, Jose couldn’t bear to be separated from his girlfriend even for a brief moment. Unfortunately, his actions also meant severely compromising how authentic the ID card looked. Here’s some advice for the future Jose. When making a fake ID, no matter how much you love the girl, attach a picture of yourself only.



5. Email Suarez?


Golden rule #1, when creating a fake ID, make sure you use a believable name! “Email Suarez” may have had a pretty sparse looking inbox and was hoping to drum up more mail in the future. Regardless, perhaps something like “John” or “Terry” would have been more convincing.



6. Don’t Fake Being Special Forces

delta force

James Montgomery didn’t look like your average Delta Force Commando. Nevertheless, he still tried to pass himself off as one with this sketchy looking ID card. Unfortunately for James, Army members in his native Australia (which doesn’t have a Delta Force by the way) quickly saw through his lies and outed him.



7. Don’t just use any photo

funny face

Golden rule #2, try not to make a stupid face when making a fake ID – it might be a giveaway! ID photos tend to stick around for a long time. Therefore you’d think Ricardo, like most people, would have invested a little time into finding a flattering yet inconspicuous photo for his ID card… especially as his is a fake!  I wonder why he chose that photo? Maybe he intends to use that same face every time someone checks his ID card?



8. Don’t Drink in your Fake ID

don't drink in your ID photo

When creating a fake ID, don’t use a picture that has you trying to down a bottle of tequila! Any cop will automatically suspect your of being an alcoholic and slap you with a DUI charge or a drunk and disorderly.



9. Worst Attempt at ID Card

badly made id card

back of badly made id cardx

Could this Wisconsin state ID look anymore fake? Clearly, whoever made this ID card obviously put no effort at all into trying to make it look real. Granted, this ID is from the 1980’s but even by those standards, it’s pretty bad.  Amazingly, the owner of this ID was reportedly able to use it successfully, repeatedly. Clearly, the bouncers that checked this ID where not great at their jobs.



10. Microsoft Word Art!

microsoft word art

Not to point out the obvious or anything but since when does the Republic of Sierra Leone use MS WordArt on ID cards? Not only does the photo look like it has been pasted in, but note how sharp the text is at the bottom. Now compare that text to the writing halfway up the page. The amount of pasting used on this card is bordering on ludicrous!

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11. Don’t Pick Someone Famous

obama id card

Golden rule #3, if you are going to create a fake ID card – don’t pick someone most of the world will recognize. This ID card was found in mainland China where apparently fake ID cards are mass produced.



12. Paris Hilton – really?

paris hilton

If you look like Paris Hilton you probably don’t need a fake ID – just flash your eyes and tip the bouncer. Regardless, I’m willing to bet it was the “hot pink” header coupled with the “rich girl” classification field on the license that probably spelled doom for this fake ID.



13. Size Matters

size matters

Contrary to popular belief, in the world of fake Ids, size does matter. Try not to make your planned fake ID too big – especially if you plan to keep your fake driving license in/on the car!



14. McLovin ID Card


If you are going to create fake ID then don’t pick the same ID card used by “Mclovin” in the movie Superbad (released 2007.) It might be funny to show to your friends but you will be going home early when the bouncer checks it out.

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