Don't Let Expired Ribbons and Supplies Hurt Your ID Card System

by ID Card Group 31. January 2018 08:01
Keeping ID card supplies like ribbons, cards, and cleaning kits on hand means you're never stuck waiting a few days for a new order to arrive, but keeping your printing supplies for too long can actually hurt your system - did you know ID card ribbons and supplies can expire? [More]

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How Does A Retransfer Printer Work?

by ID Card Group 29. January 2018 08:01
Retransfer printers combine unparalleled print speeds with photo-quality images.

Unlike traditional dye sublimation card printers, which use a printhead that prints through a ribbon directly onto the card, retransfer printers print onto a flexible, transparent film that is then thermally bonded to the card - offering a high level of fraud protection. [More]

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Elements of a Lanyard - A Visual Overview

by ID Card Group 24. January 2018 08:01
Badge lanyards – also called neck lanyards, ID lanyards, or neck straps – are an essential accessory for anyone who carries an ID card, name tag, badge, membership card, keycard, or smart card.

Find out more about the elements of a lanyard here. [More]

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Medical Staff ID Accessories - Badge Buddies, Lanyards, and Expiring Temp Employee/Visitor Badges

by ID Card Group 22. January 2018 08:03
Looking for medical staff ID supplies and accessories for hospital employees and healthcare staff in clinics, laboratories, and urgent care facilities? Security is important to protect patient information and medical equipment, and having the right ID accessories to help you clearly and easily identify all staff members and visitors is important for your business. Check out these Badge Buddy hanging badge holders with medical identifiers, no-twist medical badge holders,  temporary (expirin... [More]

The Most Affordable way to Protect Your Cards with Lamination & a Special Offer

by ID Card Group 17. January 2018 08:19
Get longer lasting ID cards with the new Evolis Lamination Unit, a unique part that can be used as a standalone lamination unit or a printer upgrade for the Evolis Primacy.

Used as a standalone unit, you can avoid replacing a still-working card printer just to get the benefits of lamination. And through the end of February you'll save even more – get a FREE lamination film with your purchase of an Evolis Lamination Unit! [More]

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How to Choose Magnetic Stripe Cards & Protect Them from Damage

by ID Card Group 15. January 2018 08:01
Magnetic stripe cards - also known as mag stripe cards or swipe cards - are a popular choice for cards that store data, such as ATM and bank cards; gift, membership, and phone cards; access control cards; hotel key cards; and library and transit cards.

But choosing the wrong variety of magstripe card - or not protecting the card from damage - can cause the cards to not work as expected.

Learn how to choose the right magstripe card and protect it from damage. [More]

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The Elements of an ID Badge Reel - A Visual Overview

by ID Card Group 10. January 2018 08:01
Check out this great image displaying the anatomy of a badge reel.

High-quality, durable, and customizable, badge reels allow you hands-free access to your ID card or badge without a tangle of cords. [More]

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