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Designing and printing sharp, full-color ID cards used to be the domain of multi-national corporations, big government entities or professional print shops. But these days, in-house PVC card printers are becoming an effective – and affordable – tool for any sized organization.

Our customers have gotten very creative with their plastic card printers, using them to produce everything from promotional items to season passes; from super sturdy warehouse labels to rewritable student attendance cards. Of course, plastic card printers are still useful for making employee ID badges, membership cards and access control cards too.

With the myriad of manufacturers, features and price points available in the plastic card printer market, deciding which printer is right for you can be daunting. We’re here to help you make an informed and wise choice. In our years of experience representing both manufacturers and customers, we’ve learned a few things about how to best choose an ID card printer.

Over the next several postings, we’ll explore the three top factors in choosing an ID card printer – as well as provide a “cheat sheet” to help you understand top factors at-a-glance. Our Choosing an ID Card Printer series includes:

We also publish reviews of top card printer models and brands – all written by our head of technical support, Jeramie Ivie – as an additional resource.

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    • Warranty terms
    • Connectivity
    • Operating system compatibility
    • Print speed
    • Reliability


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