Zebra card printers at IDCardGroup.comKnown worldwide for reliability and excellent print quality, Zebra card printers offer one the widest ranges of models and options in the industry.

Depending on the number of cards you need to print each year – and the security, flexibility, and print quality you need – there is a Zebra printer designed to fit your needs and budget.

In this post, we’ll look first at each printer’s highlights – and how they map on scale of cards per year and price. Next we’ll dive into the specifics of each model, comparing the two higher end models – the ZXP 7 and ZXP 8 – and the entry to mid-range models – the ZXP1 and ZXP 3.

Zebra ZXP Card Printer Highlights

Here’s a look at the ZXP series of card printers from the highest security and performance model to the entry-level model:

ZXP8 High Security Retransfer Printer

  • Retransfer printer for maximum security
  • Photo quality cardsCompare Zebra ZXP printers
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Full range of encoding and laminating options
  • Versatile

ZXP7 High Performance Printer

  • High productivity and performance
  • Single or double sided printing
  • Photo quality cards
  • Operational and cost efficient
  • Advanced security
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ZXP3 Professional Printer

  • Fast print speeds
  • Single or double sided printing
  • Professional quality cards
  • Versatile
  • Multiple encoding and security options
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ZXP 1 Standard Printer

Compare Zebra ZXP7 to ZXP8 – Printer Specifics

Looking at the two higher-end models, we see that the high-security ZXP 8 printer is designed for the thicker cards used in higher security situations. It prints slower than the ZXP 7 (but it has the best print speed in its class) and prints less images per ribbon roll. But for a high-security environment, its retransfer capabilities can’t be beat.

The ZXP7 is high performance at its best – printing up to 300/225 color cards per hour (single/double-sided) and 1375 monochrome cards per hour. Its ribbons also print significantly more images per roll.

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Compare the Zebra ZXP 7 to ZXP 8 card printer at IDCardGroup.com


Compare Zebra ZXP1 to ZXP3 – Printer Specifics

The most obvious difference between these two ZXP printers is that the ZXP1 is for single-sided printing only and is not smart card capable. It does offer an optional magnetic stripe encoding option – but no other security features.

The ZXP3 printer combines the affordable pricing of the earlier Zebra Value Class printers (Zebra P110i/P120i Series) with the powerful printing capabilities of the earlier Zebra Performance Class Printers (Zebra P330i/P430i Series). This hybrid Zebra card printer can handle complicated access control cards and smart cards to high-security financial cards, including ATM cards!  It more than doubles images per ribbon when compared to the ZXP1 – and boasts faster print speeds as well.

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Compare the Zebra ZXP 1 to the ZXP 3 card printer at IDCardGroup.com

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