April is Autism Awareness Month – show your support for the one in 68 American children effected by autism, and their families, this month with these Autism Awareness Puzzle Printed Lanyards.

Increasing autism awareness is an important key to continuing research into a cure for autism, a complex group of brain developments. This disorder impacts children, adults, and their families and by proudly sporting your Awareness Lanyard for the month of April you are supporting these families.

Colorful, Durable Pre-Printed Lanyards

These professionally pre-printed awareness lanyards feature the colorful and eye-catching autism puzzle pattern, and measure 36″ long. They also feature a breakaway design, making them safe to wear in schools and many workplaces.

Choose from two colors:

  • Red/Yellow/Pink/Blue/Navy
  • Pink/Blue/Navy
These lanyards are great for school teachers and staff, those in healthcare, volunteers and fundraisers, and more!

Supporting Autism Research

Additionally, 10% of all proceeds from your purchase go towards the Autism Speaks Foundation.Autism Speaks Foundation logo

Founded in 2005, Autism Speaks has grown into a leading autism science and advocacy foundation. The organization is dedicated to funding research into the causes, prevention, treatment, and cure for autism, increasing awareness, and advocating for the needs of those with autism and their families.


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