After deciding upon the type of image you want to use for your custom hologram, the next step is choosing the right ribbon material for your needs.Custom hologram overlaminate ribbon and films

There are two types of overlaminate ribbon material – varnish overlay and laminate.

1.  Varnish Overlay Ribbon – Minimal Tamper Resistance

A varnish overlay ribbon is a continuous ribbon that applies a thin layer to the card (about 4 microns), edge-to-edge.

Varnish overlays are recommended for applications requiring a low durability (up to 2 year lifespan) and a minimal tamper resistance.

2.  Laminate Ribbon – High Tamper Resistance

A laminate ribbon is made up of patches and is available in thicknesses of 0.6mil (15 microns) and 1.0mil (25 microns). It is important to note that the patches do not cover the entire card surface.

Laminate ribbon patches are recommended for applications requiring a medium to high durability (from 3 to 7 year lifespan) and high tamper resistance.

Comparing Varnish Overlays to Laminate Overlays


    Ribbon Ribbon Type Durability Tamper Resistance
    Varnish Overlay Continuous  Low  Minimal
    Laminate Patches Med – High High

    Custom Holograms for ID Security Series

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    Source: Evolis Card Printer Custom Hologram Guide, August 2012