Once you’ve selected your hologram image, overlaminate ribbon material, and security level – the final step in designing custom hologram security for your ID cards and badges involves choosing the required security feature type(s).

Security feature types include:

  • Overt
  • Covert
  • Forensic
  • Unique

Overt Hologram Security Features

Rainbow Coloring – Images, lines, or texts that are designed to refract light utilizing the full rainbow color spectrum. Color changes as viewing angle changes.
Achromatic Coloring – Images, lines, or texts that have no color refraction but are comprised only of neutral grays, white or black.
True Coloring – Images, lines, or texts that have one viewing angle where they appear in actual real-life color.

Switch Effect – Two or more distinct images that occupy the same area of the hologram and shift from one image to the other if viewed from different angles.


Multi-Plane – A feature that uses images, lines, or texts to provide a sense of depth in a hologram by providing a foreground set against a background (2D/3D).
Three-Dimensional – Images, lines, or texts that appear in 3D.
Stereographic – A technique where an image can either be animated or appear three dimensional.
Guilloche Patterns – High resolution line patterns that are created from complex geometric or mathematical patterns. Each line maintains a predetermined, continuous visual color shift to move in synchronized animation.


Covert Hologram Security Features

Latent Designs – An image that is viewable only with the aid of a high-power light source when the hologram is viewed at an extreme angle (concealed image).
Micro-Text – Text that is 60 – 100 microns in size that can be clearly deciphered only with the use of a magnifying glass or eye loop.
CLR (Covert Laser Retrievable) – An image or text that cannot be seen in a hologram but can be illuminated and seen with a high-powered laser pen.


Forensic Hologram Security Features

Nano-Text – Text that is less than 30 microns in height and can be clearly seen only with the aid of a high-powered microscope.
Micro-Imagery – Complex images or photographs that are reduced to a size less than 2 millimeters square.
HoxelsTM – Shaped pixels used to construct parts of the holographic designs. These can be custom designed for a singular project using company logos or can be any regular shape such as squares, circles, triangles, pentagons, etc.


Unique Hologram Security Features

AegisTM – A proprietary technology optimizing the placement of pixels within a given design providing a unique forensic ‘fingerprint.’


Custom Holograms for ID Security Series

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Source: Evolis Card Printer Custom Hologram Guide, August 2012