People can be hard on their ID Cards and Badges, causing them to wear out quickly. We recommend using an overlaminate layer to prolong the life of your plastic ID card and protect it from fraud and forgery. Zebra, Evolis, Magicard, Fargo and Datacard each offer overlaminate ribbons that effectively shield your ID Cards from abrasion, wear-and-tear and tampering by adding a protective coating that cannot be removed without damaging the card. Laminate coatings generally range from .06 mil to 1 mil thick, and can be clear or contain fraud-proof holographic images. Adding a laminate to your ID Card or Badge will save you money in the long run by protecting your PVC card stock, ID printer ribbons and card printing equipment. Learn all about adding additional security to your ID badges in our helpful series on Overlaminates with Custom Holograms. Contact us at 877-868-0012 if you need help finding the best overlaminate for your ID card issuance program.

Magicard Overlaminates

Magicard protective overlaminates and overcoats are an easy way to boost your cards’ durability and enhance card security by deterring forgery.

DataCard Laminates, Overlays & Topcoats

Laminates and overlays by Datacard® are a simple, reliable way to enhance the quality, durability and security of your cards, without breaking the bank.

IDP Overlaminates

IDP overlaminates offer an ideal solution for any standard CR80-sized ID card that requires high security. These cost-effective IDP overlamiantes help protect your ID cards from forgery as well as high-use environments. 

FARGO Overlaminates

Fargo by HID has created a series of overlays and laminates to work with your Fargo card printer. Fargo overlaminates provide an affordable and easy to use way to bring your card security to another level. Choose from various clear overlays or one with a holographic image to cover your pvc cards with a hardy protective laminate coating.

Zebra Overlaminates

Zebra laminates offer an easy-to use card protection technology that will extend card life for years, while protecting from abrasions, and UV light.

Adhesive Lamination

Adhesive laminates and overlays stick directly onto your plastic card by hand, offering an easy way to protect your ID badge or card from everyday use - without any additional ID equipment! Adhesive overlays come in many styles, including Clear, High-security Holographic Design and UV Blocker.

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