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AlphaCard PRO 700 Display

Save on Prox Cards & Fobs

Stop settling for the long lead times & high prices of HID Cards. Your order of AlphaPass credentials will be ready within 1 - 4 days. This means you'll get your credentials weeks faster than with HID Cards—and at a fraction of the cost.

HID Proximity AlphaPass
Lead Time 2-3 Weeks 1-4 Days
Frequency 125 KHz 125 KHz
Format 26 bit 26 bit
Readers HID Universal
(including HID, Indala)
Clamshell Cards $2.68 $1.79
PVC Cards $4.58 $2.49
Mag Stripe Cards $4.98 $3.49
Fobs $4.98 $3.29
Adhesive Tags $3.28 $2.79
Vehicle Tags $27.98
Warranty Lifetime Lifetime
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Save up to 45% over HID

AlphaCard PRO
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