Color PVC cards at best pricesBlank white PVC cards at best pricesLooking for the best prices on popular PVC card stock? From white PVC cards to color cards – both name brand and generic – you’ll find the most common sizes and thicknesses at

And all are offered at wholesale/bulk pricing – with cards starting as low as .06 cents each! Stock up now to get great quality at the best prices.

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  • Mag stripe PVC card stock at best pricesStandard Blank White PVC Cards – The most commonly used ID card – featuring standard credit card size in 30 mil thickness (known as CR8030 cards) – and work in nearly every ID card printer.
  • Magnetic Stripe Cards – Mag stripe – or “swipe cards” – store a sequence of alphanumeric characters that can be read by any standard card reader.
  • Access Control (Prox) Cards – Contactless ID cards or keyfobs containing programming that is “read” by a card reader to control and secure physical access.Generic White CR79 Adhesive PVC card stock
  • Adhesive PVC Cards – Feature a peel-off backing that reveals an adhesive so the card can be applied to other materials, including standard clamshell proximity cards – ideal for personalizing prox cards using a standard card printer.
  • Color PVC Cards – In a rainbow of colors – including fluorescent – with and without magnetic stripes
  • Rewritable PVC Cards – Offering the remarkable ability to erase and rewrite ID cards multiple times – reducing waste and supply costs
  • Composite PVC Cards – To withstand the high temperatures used by laminating machinesRewritable PVC cards at best prices
  • Biodegradable PVC Cards – Bio-pvc cards work just like a standard plastic ID card, and can be printed on any card printer, yet are better for the environment

Most Popular Value – Generic PVC ID Cards

Rest assured these generic cards are manufactured under a strict quality-control process with minimal handling – to keep the cards clean and scratch-free during production. Because of their high-quality and lower cost, our generic PVC cards are top-selling customer favorites. The most popular styles are:

You’ll also find many more types of generic cards – all are Made in the USA and at best prices guaranteed:

Easily Customize Your PVC Cards with our Custom Print Service

Custom printed PVC cards at best pricesCreating custom-printed plastic cards is easy with our card printing services! We can make ANY style of plastic card: ID badges, access cards, membership, loyalty cards, luggage or golf bag tags, and more! See samples and ordering information.

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