Generic White CR80 PVC card stockIf you’re looking for the best quality photo-grade, glossy PVC Cards at a lower price than manufacturer’s brand cards – check out our huge selection of white and color generic PVC cards.

You’ll find popular and hard-to-find blank PVC cards and plastic ID cards at wholesale and bulk prices – as low as $0.06 each – and they’re all made here in the USA!

Best of all, you can rest assured these generic cards are manufactured under a strict quality-control process with minimal handling – to keep the cards clean and scratch-free during production.Shop all generic PVC cards at

How Generic PVC Card Stock is Produced to Deliver High Quality Plastic Cards at Lower Cost

Generic White CR80 HiCo PVC card stock with mag stripeOur generic PVC card stock manufacturer follows this process to ensure minimal handling and high-quality output at lower cost:

  • All raw PVC sheets are received in specially wrapped skids.  All white PVC sheets are delivered in the final production sheet size to eliminate additional handling for additional cutting, either before lamination or after lamination.
  • All blank white cards are produced without clear overlay sheets. This increases the durability of the cards (no de-lamination possible) and no dirt or debris under the lamination (as there is no overlay).
  • Generic Color CR80 HiCo PVC card stockCards with magnetic stripes are also produced without additional clear overlay sheets.  Magnetic stripes are still produced flush mount without the use of an additional clear overlay sheet.  This allows our magnetic stripes to retain the same quality and durability characteristics of our standard blank white cards.
  • Automated platen lamination equipment is used to laminate the sheets.  Cassettes of sheets and lamination plates are mechanically moved from loading to heating to cooling to unloading eliminating more handling.  Sheets come off of the lamination completely ready for punching.
  • Finished sized laminated sheets are taken directly to the card punching machine.  No additional sheet cutting between lamination and punch takes place.
  • During the card punching process, cards are counted and gathered into bundles of 100 automatically.  This punching process is unique to our manufacturer. Cards are taken directly from the card punch banded with a clear band and shrink wrapped in tight bundles of 100 cards.  Cards dropping onto a conveyor or gathering in a large magazine only add additional handling for manual gathering, removal, and manual counting into bundles of 100.Generic White CR79 Adhesive PVC card stock
  • All cards are packaged in white pasteboard sleeves with lids to ensure cleanliness and to protect the cards (sleeve lids) during transport.

Most Popular Generic PVC ID Cards

Because of their high-quality and lower cost, our generic PVC cards are top-selling customer favorites. The most popular styles are:

Shap all generic PVC cards at IDCardGroup.comYou’ll also find many more types of generic PVC ID cards – all at best prices guaranteed:

Whether you choose generic or brand name PVC card stock, you’ll find a huge inventory of standard CR-80 sized cards in white, probably the most versatile card on the market, and PVC cards in a range of other sizes and thicknesses, in a rainbow of colors, and with smart card technology capabilities – all at best prices guaranteed – at

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