When you purchase an ID card printer, it’s important to select one with the features you need to print your card design – but if you know you’ll change designs or card features in the future, you can avoid buying another printer by getting a printer that can handle both designs.

Shop by Printer Feature

If you know there’s a specific feature you want, the fastest way to find a printer is to shop by feature. Shop printers on ID Card Group by:

What Other Options do Printers Have?

Your ability to choose printer features isn’t just limited to single or dual-sided printing! While upgrade options will vary by printer model, some of your options may include:

  • Magnetic stripe encoding
  • Smart card encoding
  • Visual security like watermarks/holograms
  • Card impression
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • WiFi connectivity
  • Physical locks for the printer and/or hoppers
  • Larger hoppers
  • Dual-sided printing
  • Lamination

Shop all ID card printers to see all the printer options.

When to Upgrade

When should you spend the money to upgrade an ID card printer? Short answer: when you know you’ll need that feature, or when it will greatly increase to usability of your system.

For example, you can print dual-sided cards on a single-sided printer by manually flipping them over and running them through the printer again – but this makes each card more time consuming to produce. If you only print a couple of cards you might be ok with the time spent, but if you need to print more than a handful of cards at a time we would suggest upgrading the printer.

Ask ID Card Group – Can I Upgrade Later?

Some upgrade options have to be selected when you purchase the printer, because it comes assembled that way from the manufacturer. Some options can be added later, however, so you a can upgrade later on if you discover you need that option after all.

The ability to upgrade a printer with extra features after purchase will vary by printer model. Some options like a dual-sided upgrade, lamination upgrade, or larger hopper that just connects to the printer, may be easier to do. If you’re curious what options you have, contact ID Card Group for more information about your printer model.


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