Prox cards are powerful tools for securing your building and limiting who has access – but they only work if you order the cards correctly so they can integrate with your access control system. This is the information you’ll need to order more cards.

Card Style & Material

First thing to select is your card style and material. Prox cards come in a wide range of styles, so you can select the one that works best for your unique access control system. For example, AlphaPass cards come in these styles:


Then you’ll need to enter your access control system’s format. Most prox cards are 26 bit (H10301), although specialized systems can use a different format.

Not sure what your format is? This information will be printed on the box of your last cards, or you can look it up in the settings of your system.

See the example image to the right.

Facility Code

The facility code is a number between 0 and 255 that is assigned to your location. With most access control systems a single location like a business will use a single facility code, although some systems or businesses use multiple codes.

Not sure what your facility code is? This information should also be printed on the label on your last box of cards.

See the example image to the right.

Sequence Start Number

Each prox card in an access control system has a unique ID number, called a sequence number. If you’ve already printed cards 1 to 250, the next card sequence start number when you order new cards would by 251.

Not sure what the next number is? The card range of the order will also be printed on the label of your last order, or you can look at which numbers have been assigned in your system.

See the example image to the right.

Printed Serial Number

You also need to decide if you want a printed serial number on your cards. This number can either match the card’s sequence number or be a unique ID you designate (like an employee ID number or student ID number).

Slot Punch

And finally, you need to select a slot punch or not (available for horizontal and vertical orientation). Keep in mind that if you plan to print on your prox cards, you should never slot punch them before printing.


Once you’ve entered all that information, you are set to order your new prox cards!


For help finding the best prox cards for your access control system, contact our expert sales staff at (877) 868-0012 or We’re happy to walk you through your card programming and appearance options.

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