AlphaPass Proximity Card with Mag Stripe-Qty 25


AlphaPass Proximity Card with Mag Stripe-Qty 25


AlphaPass Proximity ISO Cards with High-Coercivity (HiCo) Magnetic Stripe work the same as an HID 1336 ISOProx Card or HID 1536 ISOProx Composite Card, but are priced lower. Using standard 125 kHz access control technology, this AlphaPass Proximity ISO Mag Stripe Card is made from thin credit card-sized PVC or Composite and can be printed with photo ID data using a standard ID card printer. It offers 26 bits standard, more than 137 million possible codes, up to 5” read range, and an optional slot. Standard 26-Bit/H10301 Format.

NOTE: Custom programmed card orders ship within 1-3 days.

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AlphaPass Proximity Card with Mag Stripe-Qty 25

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MSRP: $6.40
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Note: These custom prox cards are not returnable.

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Questions? Get expert help

AlphaPass Proximity Card with Mag Stripe-Qty 25




A great alternative to name-brand proximity badges, this AlphaPass Proximity ISO Card with high coercivity Magnetic Stripe uses high-quality standards and specifications to work in the same HID readers as a DuoProx HID 1336 or HID 1536 card - but costs less and generally has a shorter lead-time for custom programming. These generic-branded ISO mag stripe prox badges will come ready-to-use, including:

  • Programmed with Sequential Matching Printed/Encoded Card Numbers – Order your badges with either standard or custom programming (see description below*)
  • Choose from PVC or Composite Cards – These ISO cards are made from printable PVC or Composite, both card materials can be printed on using an ID card printer. PVC is the standard card material, used in many access control programs. Composite cards are more durable and better designed to withstand the heat of lamination.
  • Blank White with Glossy Finish – These cards are standard credit card sized so they can be personalized with photo ID data using any standard ID Card Printer – making them perfect for employee access control badges. ID Card Group offers custom card printing. Contact an ID Expert at 877-868-0012 for details.
  • Magnetic Stripe – Encode your ISO cards directly using a standard ID card printer. The ID data will be stored on a high coercivity magnetic stripe housed on the back of these ISO cards.
  • Optional Slot Punch – Choose from 3 slot punch options: none, horizontal or vertical.

This AlphaPass ISO mag stripe badge offers 125 khz prox technology and can be tailored to your site’s programming specifications. ID Card Group offers two programming options through our online store:

Custom Programming - To order custom programmed cards, enter your organization’s personalized facility codes (between 1 – 255) and/or sequential card numbers (between 1 – 65500) in the Option Menu. These cards will ship in 1-3 business days. Custom programmed ISO cards must be ordered in quantities of 25 or more.

If you have any questions about ordering your proximity badges, contact us at 877-868-0012 - We are Prox ID Experts!

Our AlphaPass Prox Badge Partners guarantee product quality including:

  • Lifetime Warranty - Cards include a lifetime material defects and workmanship warranty
  • Performance – A consistent read range and reliability
  • Compatible - Universal compatibility with most proximity readers
  • Seamless Integration - Easily integrates with existing badge populations and guaranteed to meet or exceed your existing badge performance without the cost
  • Custom Programming - No additional charge for printing serial numbers or facility codes
  • Custom Printing – Contact an ID Expert at 877-868-0012 for more information on custom printing your proximity badges
Product Type Proximity Cards
Condition New
Brand AlphaCard
Warranty Years 1
Discontinued No
Technical Specifications No
Card Material PVC
Card Thickness 30 mil
Card Size CR-80
Lamination No Lamination
Card Color(s) No
Item Count Individual
Color No