Keeping ID card supplies like ribbons, cards, and cleaning kits on hand means you’re never stuck waiting a few days for a new order to arrive, but keeping your printing supplies for too long can actually hurt your system – did you know ID card ribbons and supplies can expire?

How Long do Supplies Last?

ID Card Printer Ribbons

While the exact shelf life of a ribbon or cleaning kit will vary by manufacture, we generally recommend keeping supplies for no more than one year.

As they age, printer ribbons get frail and are more likely to rip or tear during the printing process. Cleaning kits use alcohol-soaked swabs and cards to remove dust and debris, but that cleaning solution can dry up over time.

Tips for Storing Supplies

ID Card Printer Cleaning Supplies

Keeping your supplies protected from sunlight, high temperatures, dust, and moisture is key. Store your supplies in their original packaging, away from sunlight, in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment.

For your blank cards, also take special care when handling them during the printing process. Dirt and oil from your fingerprints can causing printing problems, so make sure you only hold the cards be the edges or wear gloves.

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