Evolis Zenius ID Card Printer - available with Starter Kits or standalone

The Evolis Zenius card printer is available with starter kits or as a standalone ID card printer.

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At first glance, I was a little surprised by this newest offering from Evolis – the brand known as the industry leader when it comes to aesthetics.

The new Evolis Zenius looks more like a throwback to archaic ID badge printers of yesteryear. But don’t let that fool you – the Zenius is a compact powerhouse full of impressive features.

Evolis Zenius Card Printer – Small, but Powerful and Field Upgradeable

Why the design regression? The good folks at Evolis assure me that to achieve the great versatility and upgradeability on the inside of this new machine, the shape was necessary.

After some poking around, I can see what they mean. Popping the sides off of the Evolis Zenius gives you full access to all the bells and whistles that you might want to add on later.

The Evolis Zenius is set up to easily add on magnetic encoding, contactless encoding, and smart card encoding — all of which are field upgradeable! That’s pretty impressive and I am certain that we will see other manufactures follow suit in the near future.

Very User-Friendly to Operate

Zenius is the first Evolis printer to integrate RFID chips into its ribbons, so there is no more confusion about setting the ribbon correctly in the driver.

The Evolis Zenius has also moved to a cartridge ribbon from the old spool style. While this adds to ease of use, it certainly adds to ribbon waste, which is a little disappointing.

The card input hopper has been moved to the front of the printer, which really makes more sense from an everyday operation stand point. And of course, along with the 50 card input hopper you can also single feed your cards from the front – another convenience.

Create ID Cards & Badges Immediately

The Zenius includes CardPresso XXS Lite design software so you can start creating ID cards and badges immediately.

CardPresso XXS Lite software:

  • Includes basic features for card design and printing using predefined templates
  • Includes signature acquisition
  • Includes an internal database for up to 50 records
  • Allows you to create 1D barcodes and magnetic encoded cards
  • Uses WIA/TWAIN and DirectShow photo acquisition

Super Quiet

Evolis boasts the Zenius is the most silent printer on the market. And they’re right. It’s surprisingly quiet!

While on a phone call, I pressed print…didn’t hear anything and then, without looking, pressed print again because I didn’t notice it had printed the first time. You can easily talk over this machine while it’s running, which is definitely a plus.

Impressive Print Speeds – And Unbelievable Bleeds

The Evolis Zenius delivers an impressive print speed – 400 cards per hour monochrome and 120 cards per hour full color. The color and clarity are right there, as you would expect from an Evolis offering.

I’ve always been impressed with the ink coverage that Evolis printers have achieved in the past. But the Zenius far surpassed my expectations in this area! It lays more ink on the card surface than any printer before it. You’d be hard pressed, with the untrained eye, to tell that the Evolis Zenius is not a full-bleed machine. Amazing work Evolis!

Overall – An Outstanding Card Printer

All in all, I’d say the Evolis Zenius is likely to be an outstanding card printer. I look forward to pushing the limits on it in the near future.

Optional Starter Kits Create a Complete ID System

Evolis Zenius card printer quick specs - IDCardGroup.comThe Evolis Zenius card printer is also available as a complete ID system, with the addition of ID Card Group’s basic or complete starter kits:

  • Basic Starter Kit (Color Ribbon, Cleaning Kit, 100 Cards)
  • Complete Starter Kit (includes Basic Kit Webcam)

The ID Card Group Advantage

As an authorized Evolis printer dealer, ID Card Group has deep technical knowledge from years of experience working with customers who use an Evolis card printer; printing systems; and supplies, including Evolis color ribbons, monochrome ribbons, Evolis cleaning kits, eMedia software, and printer covers and carrying cases.


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