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by ID Card Group 16. July 2012 08:01

Indala Prox cards & keyfobs Indala Proximity Cards are another high-quality alternative from HID Corporation. Indala cards deliver outstanding and consistent performance with intelligent programming technology.

All Indala 125 kHz proximity cards feature FlexSecur® technology, which provides an added level of access control security through a verification process at the reader.

Unique to the Indala product line, FlexSecur® screens out unauthorized cards prior to sending card data to the host system.

Below, we compare the read ranges and other select features of our most popular Indala Prox cards, keyfobs, and tags.

Looking for an Indala prox card not compared here? Call us at (877) 868-0012. With so many variables, ordering Prox cards can be a technical and confusing process. We're here to help - and we'll make it easy for you!

Indala Proximity Cards - A Comparative View



   FlexISOCard XT     
Part No.                
Read Range   

  Wallswitch Reader

 Up to 5˝
(12 cm) 
Up to 4˝ (10 cm) Up to 2˝
(5 cm)
Up to 3˝
(7 cm)
  Classic Reader Up to 5˝
(12 cm)   
 Up to 2˝
(5.0 cm)
 Up to 3˝
(7 cm)
  Mullion (Slim) Reader Up to 5˝
(12 cm) 
 Up to 2˝
(5.0 cm)
Up to 3˝
(7 cm)
 Mid-Range Reader  Up to 12˝
(30 cm)
Up to 7˝ (17 cm)
 Long-Range Reader Up to 25˝
(63 cm)
Up to 26˝ (66 cm) Up to 16˝
(40.64 cm) 
Up to 14˝
(35 cm)
  Heavy-Duty PinProx
Keypad Reader
 Up to 3.75˝ (9.52 cm)
Up to 3.5˝
(8.89 cm)
 Up to 1.75˝
(4.45 cm)
  Membrane Keypad
 Up to 4˝ (10 cm) Up to 3.5˝
(8.89 cm)
Up to 3˝
(7 cm)
HID Proximity
125 kHz

 Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
Contact Smart Chip Module Embeddable         
  Optional   Optional   Optional  No  No
Wiegand Stripe  No No
 No Yes
Magnetic Stripe  No   Optional   Optional No No
Printable Yes Yes  Yes  No No
Slot Punch  Vertical
 Horizontal or Vertical Optional
Key Ring

Indala Prox Key Fob in use

Compare all Indala Prox 125 kHz Cards/Credentials

See and compare all Indala Prox 125 kHz cards and credentials - Compare-Indala-Prox-Cards.pdf (117.80 kb)

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Source: Indala® Prox 125 kHz Proximity – Credentials Comparison Chart (Compare-Indala-Prox-Cards.pdf (117.80 kb)


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