HID Prox Card Programming ChecklistThis checklist highlights your most important considerations when ordering and programming HID prox cards.

Use it to help you determine your facility requirements and preferences before ordering – or simply call us at (877) 868-0012 and we’ll walk you through the process. You might also want to review our companion post, How to Program HID Proximity Cards.



______ Will program ourselves – have HID Prox programming equipment on site
______ Need programming completed with order (See the three programming considerations below)Shop HID proximity cards now at

1.   Formatting

_____ Standard 26-bit format (Can be ordered directly online)

_____  HID Prox or HID iClass Format (H10301)
_____  Indala Flex Format (40134)
_____  Indala Casi-Rusco Format (C10106)

_____ Custom format (Contact an ID Expert at 877-868-0012)

IDCardGroup Tip
: The programming format for your HID prox card is determined by your card reader’s system requirements. If you are reordering, you can look at the end label of the last order’s shipping box for the code. The most common is a 26-bit format indicated by code H10301.


2.   Facility/Site Code

_____ Not required – Generic code is fine for our facility
_____ Required – We have a specific protocol for specifying facility codes
_____ Required – Our new cards must have the same facility code as our last order

3.   Starting Card Number

_____ No external card numbering needed
_____ Sequential card numbering is needed:

_____  External only
_____  Matching internal/external
_____  Matching internal/non-matching external
_____  Random internal/non-matching sequential external

IDCardGroup Tip: It is important that you do not overlap card numbering ranges if you have only one facility code. If you have multiple facility codes, it is possible to use the same card number ranges in each facility, as each card reader uses a combined facility code and card number for access control.


_____ Low Frequency (125 kHz) HID Prox / Indala Flex / Indala Casi-Rusco
_____ High Frequency (13.56 MHz) HID iClass

Front Packaging/Graphics

_____ HID Standard Artwork
_____ Plain White
_____ Custom Artwork* – Specify Custom Artwork Number

Back Packaging/Graphics

_____ HID Standard Logo
_____ Plain White
_____ Custom Artwork* – Specify Custom Artwork Number

Slot Punch

_____ No Slot Punch (Printed location of vertical and horizontal slot punch will remain)
_____ Vertical Slot Punch (Printed location of horizontal slot punch will remain)
_____ Horizontal Slot Punch (Printed location of vertical slot punch will remain)

*Custom Artwork

You can add custom artwork to your HID Prox Cards by contacting one of our ID Experts at (877) 868-0012



HID prox card reorder cheat sheet -


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