HID IClass Contactless Credentials HID iCLASS Credentials offer iCLASS 13.56 MHz contactless read/write smart card technology along with the ability to add a magnetic stripe, barcode, and anti-counterfeiting features including custom artwork or a photo identification directly on the credential.

An HID iCLASS card, keyfob, or tag can be utilized for diverse applications such as:

  • Access control
  • Network log-on security
  • Automotive vehicle identification
  • Cashless vending
  • Time and attendance
  • Biometric verification

Below, we compare the read ranges and other select features of our most popular HID iClass contactless credentials, tags, and keyfobs.

If you have questions or are looking for a HID prox card or credential not compared here – call us at (877) 868-0012. ID Card Group offers every type of HID prox card – including Clamshell cards, ISO Cards, Key Fobs and Adhesive Prox Patches – that can be customized to fit your access control system.

With so many variables, ordering HID iClass cards, tags and keyfobs can be a technical and confusing process. We’re here to help – and we’ll make it easy for you!

HID iCLASS Credentials  – A Comparative View





 iCLASS® Key / Tag
Part No. 2080
 2000 2020 2040 2050/2060
Read Range             


 Up to 2.5è
(6.5 cm)
 Up to 3.25è (8.0 cm) Up to 3.0è
(7.5 cm)
1.5è (4.0 cm)
R30/RW300  Up to 3.0è
(7.5 cm)
 Up to 4.0è (10.0 cm)  Up to 3.0è
(7.5 cm)
 2.0è (5.0 cm)
R40/RW400  Up to 4.5è
(10.0 cm)
Up to 4.25è (11.0 cm)  Up to 4.5è
(11.5 cm)
2.0è (5.0 cm)
 RK40/RK400  Up to 4.0è
(9.0 cm)
 Up to 3.5è (9.0 cm) Up to 2.5è
(6.5 cm)
 2.0è (5.0 cm)
Magnetic Stripe  No Optional No
Printable  Yes  Yes  Yes Yes No
Standard HID Artwork  Optional  Optional  Optional Optional No / Yes
Slot Punch  Vertical
 Vertical Optional Horizontal or
Vertical Optional
Key Ring Hole / No

In a future post, we’ll compare Indala prox cards.

Compare all HID iCLASS 13.56 MKz Credentials

See and compare all HID iCLASS 13.56 MKz credentials – Compare-HID-iCLASS-Credentials.pdf 124.10 kb

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Source: HID® iCLASS® 13.56 MHz Contactless – Credentials (Compare-HID-iCLASS-Credentials.pdf 124.10 kb)