Watch this short video to see how to properly load plastic cards in your ZXP7 card printer.

For best print quality and printer performance, we recommend Zebra PVC cards.


Loading Cards in the ZXP7 Card Printer

  1. Open the card feeder cartridge door.
  2. Slide the card stack pusher to the right – until it locks in place.
  3. Place the card stack in the feeder cartridge in the correct orientation:
    • Magnetic stripe – orientation is stripe facing to the left.
    • Contact smart card – orientation is to the right.
  4. Close the feeder cartridge door. This will release the card stack pusher.
  5. The ZXP7 printer is ready to print.

Why Choose the ZXP7 Printer?

Powerful enough to process three jobs at one time – such as encoding, printing, and laminating simultaneously – the ZXP7 is a high performance, high-security workhorse that is surprisingly affordable.

And the ZXP7 cuts the cost per card to as low as 32 cents with high capacity YMCKO ribbons.

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