For best print quality, clean and care for your Magicard Pronto printer every time you change the dye film ribbon.


What You’ll Need

  • Magicard CK1 – Cleaning Kit (compatible with Magicard Pronto, Alto, Tempo and Opera card printers), which contains cleaning cards and a cleaning pen
  • New blue cleaning roller (that comes in every package of dye film ribbon)
  • Your Pronto printer powered On and connected to your computer

Steps to Cleaning the Pronto Printer

  1. Remove the cards (if already loaded) and dye film ribbon, the blue cartridge and the orange tacky roller that sits below the blue cartridge
  2. Follow the Auto cleaning instructions to clean the printer using Auto cleaning mode:
    1. Find the Pronto printer listed in your Devices and Printer window
    2. Right-click on the Pronto and select Printer Preferences from the menu
    3. When the driver opens, select the Clean Printer button. The instructions window will appear.
    4. Select Clean to begin the cleaning cycle.
  3. Open and insert the cleaning card into the front of the Pronto printer. While the card is in the printer, deposits left during the printing cycle are being removed by the alcohol in the card. The printer will eject the card once the cycle has completed.
  4. Repeat the cleaning card process one more time.
  5. Once the card ejects, you should clearly be able to see the results.
  6. Continue the cleaning process by taking the cleaning pen, gently moving it along the complete length of the printhead.
  7. Once you have cleaned the print head, place the orange roller back into the printer.
  8. Replace the dye film and install a new blue sticky roller:
    1. Remove the blue roller and film from the dye film box.
    2. Unwrap the dye film and place it inside the printer.
    3. Insert the metal bar, which you set aside earlier, back into the blue roller and then snap the roller into its cartridge
  9. Once you have inserted your roller in as shown, you may gently close the lid.
  10. Your Pronto printer is now ready to print.


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