Take professional-looking photos for ID cards and badges or passports with photo ID backdrop screens and stands. These photo backdrops are perfect for all corporate, education, and government credentialing projects.

Choose from cloth, wrinkle-resistance micro-suede, colored, retractable, wall-mounted, remote controlled, standard or extra large sizes. All are at below-retail prices at IDCardGroup.com.

Cloth ID Backdrops

  • Choose from 5 colors, including white
  • Includes grommets
  • 32″ x 28″

Large White Cloth ID Backdrop

  • Extra large, white cloth ID backdrop
  • Includes grommets
  • Great all-purpose backdrop
  • 48″ x 48″

Retractable Photo ID Backdrop Screen – Wall MountRetractable Photo ID Backdrop Screen - Wall Mount

  • Wrinkle-resistant soft polyester micro-suede material
  • Laminated back with seamless fabric
  • Industrial high-quality spring and roller mechanism for smooth, reliable operation
  • Choose from 7 colors, including white
  • 36″ x 48″

Portable Photo ID Backdrop with Stand & Optional Carrying Case

  • Adjustable height from 28″ to 78″ tall – ideal for sitting or standing photosPortable Photo ID Backdrop with Stand & Optional Carrying Case
  • Sturdy, lightweight and portable stand
  • Easy and quick to assemble or dismantle
  • Velcro sewn onto both 28″ sides for securing position
  • 1/4″ nickel plated grommets on each corner
  • Optional nylon carrying case
  • Choose from 7 single colors and 2 reversible color styles
  • 34″ x 28″ fabric size

Special-Order Wall Mounted Photo ID Backdrops – Motorized

  • Wall-mounted backdrop with motorized retractable mechanism (with or without remote)Optional Carrying Case lets you take the backdrop/stand on the road
  • Special-order backdrop colors
  • White casing retractable mechanism
  • Contact an ID Expert at 877-868-0012 for more details or to order

Digital Photo ID Camera & Capture Kit

Need a camera along with a photo backdrop? This full-capture Digital Photo ID Camera and Capture Kit has everything you’ll need for entry and mid-level digital ID photo programs. The complete Capture Kit includes:Complete Digital Photo ID Camera and Capture KitDigital Photo ID Camera Kit with Stands

  • TWAIN Compliant Photo ID Camera
  • Mini-Desktop Tripod
  • Digital Camera Cleaning Kit including blower with brush, disposable tissues, and a micro fiber cleaning cloth
  • Photo ID Backdrop, available in seven different colors and made of wrinkle resistant soft polyester micro-suede material – plus choice of mounting systems


If you need help choosing the best photo ID backdrop accessories for your needs, call our ID experts at 877-868-0012 or sales@idcardgroup.com. We’ll make it easy for you! 

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