It’s never been easier to manage visitor access at your facility! The new standalone TEMPBadge visitor management system is a simple, easy-to-use kit that contains everything you need to start printing expiring badges for your school, healthcare facility, or business:TEMPBadge Visitor Management System Kit at - Simple & Affordable way to register and badge visitors

  • Direct thermal printer
  • Software
  • 1,000 printable expiring badges

Note: Additional rolls of direct thermal printer badges for expiring ID badges are available.

    A Simple Solution to Issuing Expiring Badges

    TEMPBadge’s new expiring badge kit offers a quick, efficient, and painless sign-in process for your visitors.

    Just register, print, and hand to the visitor to wear.

    It’s easy-to-use interface means little to no training for your security or office personnel – and they’ll be printing visitor badges in just 4 clicks and 5 seconds per visitor!

    Completely Customizable with Sophisticated Reporting Capabilities

    • Configure titles, visitor types, and departments visited
    • Reports available based on period of time, destination, or pass type
    • Usable as a tool to investigate incidents that occur within the facility
    • In case of emergency or evacuation, the reports give a detailed account of the number of visitors in the facility and their intended destinations, departments and more TempBadge Visitor Management System screen

    Watch the TEMPBadge Visitor Management System Video

    Watch this short video to see how easy it is to register your visitors and print expiring badges for them to wear during their visits with the TEMPBadge Visitor Management System Kit. You’ll never worry about collecting outdated visitor badges again.

    It’s A great visitor ID solution for vendors, contractors, delivery personnel, volunteers, and any other temporary visitor.


    Contact one of our ID Experts at 877-868-0012 or if you need help choosing the best expiring badge solution for your organization – or to order custom printing for your expiring badges. We’ll make it easy for you!

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