If you’re looking for high-quality, high-definition secure card printing – the newest retransfer printer from Evolis is for you.

Exceptionally fast, it’s capable of producing 140 single-sided color cards per hour – all at 600 dpi – that’s double the print quality of most card printers on the market.

The Avansia is perfect for producing crisp, high-definition images, micro text, and watermarks.

Read our ID expert, Jeramie Ivie’s, full review of the Avansia printer – or watch a video review.

Avansia Retransfer Printer Benefits

The Avansia is well suited for organizations needing robust production of high security cards with high print quality, such as:Shop the Evolis Avansia Retransfer Printer - Best Prices at IDCardGroup.com

  • Corporate ID cards
  • Secure access badges
  • Student ID cards
  • Payment cards
  • Loyalty cards /Gift cards
  • National ID cards
  • Driver’s licenses

Why Choose the Evolis Avansia Printer?

Key features of the Evolis Avansia printer include:

  • Exceptionally fast output – Prints up to 140 single-sided color cards per hour
  • High resolution 600 dpi – Double the print quality of most card printers on the market – creates crisp, high-definition images, micro text and watermarks
  • Over the edge printing – Guarantees that your edges print perfectly since the film fully covers the card
  • Prints on all types of cards including:
    • Uneven card surfaces, such as smart contact and contactless cards
    • Standard dye sublimation for PVC cards
    • Retransfer for ABS, Polycarbonate (PC), and most of the PET cards
  • Ability to configure and combine all types of data encoding optionsThe Evolis Avansia retransfer printer features locked access to consumables - IDCardGroup.com:
    • Magnetic stripe
    • Contact smart cards
    • Contactless smart cards – Please contact an ID Expert at 877-868-0012 for Smart Card encoding options
  • High capacity card hoppers (250 cards), print ribbons and transfer film produce cards with no interruption, even in critical environments (dust, heat…)
  • Secure print environment with an easy-to-use RFID electronic key that prevents any attempt to use the printer
  • Optional mechanical key lock prevents access to consumables
  • Standard built-in card flattener delivers perfect results
  • 3-Year standard warranty and life time warranty on the print head


How Retransfer Technology Works

Retransfer technology works by printing the card in two phases:

  1. The card design is printed by dye sublimation on a transparent film
  2. The printed film is then fused to the card using a thermal bonding process for flawless results and high level tamper resistance.

As illustrated in the diagram to the right, the built-in flattener applies pressure on the card, which ensures a perfectly flat surface.

The ID Card Group Advantage

As an authorized Evolis printer dealer, ID Card Group has deep technical knowledge from years of experience working with customers who use an Evolis card printer; printing systems; and supplies, including Evolis color ribbons, monochrome ribbons, Evolis cleaning kits, CardPresso software, and printer covers and carrying cases.ID Card Group is Official Evolis Partner


If you want more information on the Evolis Avansia – or need additional help choosing the best ID card printer for your organization’s needs, call our ID experts at 877-868-0012 or sales@idcardgroup.com.ID Card Group's low price guarantee
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