Prox cards are quickly growing in popularity because they can combine an employee ID with the office key and your security system. But if you want to use them as ID cards, you’ll probably want to print on them. So can you print on prox cards? The quick answer – yes, depending on the card type.

Can You Print on Proximity Cards?

The longer answer – you need the right type of card and the right card material to print on prox cards.

What does this mean? A standard 30mil card can fit through a card printer, but the thicker clamshell style cards cannot fit – if you need a printed clamshell you need to order them printed from the manufacturer, or print on an adhesive-backed card that you can stick onto the clamshell card.

Your card material is also important, because prox cards are made in both printable and non-printable materials. If you order a non-printable card, they won’t work! Instead look for cards that specifically say they are made for printing in a card printer (all AlphaPass cards, in both standard and mag stripe, are printable, as are ISO cards from HID, for example).

Easily Print on AlphaPass Prox Cards

AlphaPass cards are high quality cards compatible with leading access control systems, including HID. AlphaPass cards are ISO compliant, pre-programmed and printable, and have a shorter turnaround time on custom programming orders.

AlphaPass cards come in these formats:

Worried about switching to a different brand of prox card? AlphaPass cards are compatible with systems and readers from other brands, including HID, so you can easily integrate them into your existing system. These AlphaPass prox badges come with our high quality guarantee:

  • Lifetime Warranty – Cards include a lifetime material defects and workmanship warranty
  • Performance – A consistent read range and reliability
  • Compatible – Universal compatibility with most proximity readers
  • Seamless Integration – Easily integrates with existing badge populations and guaranteed to meet or exceed your existing badge performance without the cost
  • Custom Programming – No additional charge for printing serial numbers or facility codes. Custom programmed cards must be ordered in quantities of 100 or more.


For help finding the best prox cards for your access control system, contact our expert sales staff at (877) 868-0012 or We’re happy to walk you through your card programming and appearance options.

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