Security is an ever-growing concern for businesses, and updating (or creating) your visitor management system is one way to protect your building from unauthorized visitors. ID Card Group carries a wide range of visitor management products to help you out!

AlphaCard Visitor Pass Software

The newest visitor management software, AlphaCard Visitor Pass makes it easy to design visitor badges and create visitor records so you always know who is in your building. With AlphaCard Visitor Pass you can also blacklist visitors so they cannot be checked in.

In the Standard and Secure editions you can also manage events and guest lists, ideal for conferences and conventions.

Choose from these AlphaCard Visitor Pass editions:

AlphaCard Visitor Pass software is purchased using a monthly or annual subscription model, and includes technical support and setup assistance.

Expiring Temporary Badges

One of the easiest ways to identify a visitor or guest in your building is to issue visitor IDs when they check in. Instead of spending the money to print a temporary ID on your ID card printer’s PVC cards, you can use temporary expiring badges if they will only be visiting for a few hours.

These badges can be hand written or printed using a label printer, and after they have expired a clear design will show up so your security can tell at a glance that the visitor is no longer authorized for entry.

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Other Supplies

In addition to visitor management software and visitor badges, your business can use many other tools to improve security:


ID Card Group carries a wide range of software and visitor management supplies. If you aren’t sure what solution will be best for your organization, call our experts at (877) 868-0012 or email for a personalized recommendation.