To maintain consistent print quality, clean your Fargo HDP5000 printer regularly, at least every 3,000 cards.


Steps to Cleaning the HDP5000 Retransfer Printer

  1. Open the printer door and remove the printer ribbon and card input hopper. Close the door.
  2. Open your Fargo 89200 printer cleaning kit and use the adhesive back cards to clean the printer. Clean the printer after every 1,000 cards to maintain consistent print quality.
  3. Remove the adhesive backing from both sides of the card. Note: If your printer uses a magnetic encoder, make sure you leave the small liner strip along the top.
  4. Power the printer on. Once powered up, place the cleaning card on the printer input hopper.
  5. From your computer, click the Start menu and select Devices and Printers.
    • Right-click the DTC 1250e card printer icon and click Printing Preferences on the pop-up menu.
    • In the Card tab, click the Toolbox button.
    • Select the Clean Printer tab and click the Clean button.
    • This procedure will clean the printer and the card print rollers inside the printer. When the adhesive cleaning card ejects, this cleaning step is complete.
  6. Next remove the long alcohol cleaning card.
    • Open the front panel.
    • Insert the long alcohol cleaning card into card hopper infeed rollers.
    • Hold the cleaning card in place with one hand while holding the Forward button for 10 seconds.
    • Continue holding the card in place and hold the Back button for 10 seconds.
    • Perform this procedure approximately every 3,000 cards.
    • Then feed the card through the printer by holding the Forward button until the card exits.
  7. Disconncet the printer power supply.
  8. Next remove the print head cleaning swab from its packaging and squeeze to saturate the tip.
  9. Open the front panel and wipe the swab firmly back and forth across the surface of the print head. Allow it to dry.
  10. With the cleaning pad included in the printer cleaning kit, clean the printer casing and LED display. Do not use other cleaning pads, sprays, or solvents.
  11. When dry, reinstall the ribbon, film cartridges, and input hopper and close the front door.
  12. You are ready to print.

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