Laminating your cards applies a thin film over the top of the printed cards, making the card more durable and secure – but for even more security, did you know there are holographic laminates?

Benefits of Laminating Your CardsID Card Printer Lamination Films and Overlaminates from ID Card Group

Lamination is the process of applying a clear film over your printed cards. Although not an upgrade option on every ID card printer, it’s a popular feature available from most printer manufacturers. Lamination uses an additional film beyond the colored or monochrome ribbon you use to print your cards, and does require higher-quality composite cards (instead of standard PVC) to withstand the high heat of the lamination process.

So why laminate your cards? There are three main benefits:

  • Improves card durability
  • Resists fading from sunlight exposure
  • Makes cards harder to tamper with or alter
Lamination film comes in a wide variety of styles, so you can lamiante any type of card. Options include thin .5mil laminates and thicker (more durable) 1.0mil laminates, laminates with cut outs for signature panel cards, magnetic stripe cards, and smart chip cards, and even laminates designed for dual-sided cards.

Holographic Laminates

To add even more security to your ID cards, consider a holographic laminate! These laminates include holographic images in the clear film, applying a highly visible hologram over your ID cards – this makes it harder to duplicate your cards or tamper with them, and makes it easier for security guards to identify authentic cards.

ID Card Group carries a wide range of laminate options for all major ID card printer brands. Shop laminates:

Not sure which laminates are compatible with your ID card printer? The ID Card Group Find My Ribbon Tool will give you a complete list of all compatible ribbons and laminates.

Laminating ID Card Printers

To print laminated cards, you will need a specialty laminating ID card printer. You can find laminating printers from all the top printer brands on ID Card Group including:

  • Datacard’s SD460 printer
  • Zebra’s ZXP Series 7 printer
  • Fargo’s DTC4500e printer
Not sure which ID card printer is best for your card needs? Try our Free Printer Recommendations tool – answer a few questions and get a free recommendation from our ID card experts.



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