You just got your shiny new Evolis printer out of the box, but where does the ribbon cartridge go? Find out in this short clip from Jeramie Ivie, Head of Tech Support at


Benefits of Genuine Evolis High Trust Printer Ribbons

Evolis High Trust® printer ribbons feature an easy-loading ribbon cartridge that:

  • Simply drops into your Evolis Primacy printer
  • Automatically initiates a calibration process that produces optimal card print quality
  • Features a detection system that tells you exactly how much ribbon capacity remains – reporting directly to the Evolis Print Manger software on your computer
  • Displays an alert on screen when the ribbon is nearing its end

Finally, the packaging on Evolis High Trust® printer ribbons is made of recyclable plastic and the ribbon is made of recycled material, making them easy on the earth.

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