Team NiSCA is offering a Mac application driver for its popular PR-C101 ID card printer starting in June 2009.

The PR-C101 is an entry-level printer that is perfect for small-to-medium sized organizations such as police, libraries, K12 schools, member clubs and casinos that want to print plastic ID cards in house without high costs. With the new Mac driver, these organizations no longer need to purchase a PC just to make their ID badges. This is particularly helpful for organizations that are facing budget cuts. “The Mac OS/X compatible NiSCA PR-C101 demonstrates that there is low-cost common-sense measures each Mac-based” organization can use to increase security without increasing their bottom line, explains Rob Miskelly of Team NiSCA.


Because many of these organizations, especially K12 schools, do not have the latest Mac processors, the NiSCA Mac driver for the PR-C101 supports both Mac PowerPC and Intel hardware, and Mac OS/X 10.4 and 10.5.

Featuring a compact and light design, the NiSCA PR-C101 features a handy rotating LCD panel so it can adjust to any orientation and fit in the smallest spaces – an overhead bin, under a counter, on your desk, or in your reception area. The PR-C101 boasts high-quality print capabilities, producing 144 full-color single-sided custom cards per hour with 24-bit color, 300 dpi edge-to-edge image quality. It also offers as standard features:

  • All-in-one ribbon cartridge, with cleaning assist roller
  • Entry-level badge creation software
  • 2-year hands-free warranty
  • Removable 100 card feeder

The PR-C101 can also be outfitted with optional encoding tools to produce ISO 3-Track Magnetic Stripe, Contactless encoded, and MiFARE cards.

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