has been selected as one of a limited number of retailers to exclusively distribute CardExchange® ID Card design software. IDCardGroup is a CardExchange retailer carries four standard versions of CardExchange® – GoPremium, Professional, and Ultimate – so your software can meetyour specific needs. In addition, CardExchange® software can be designed to meet any other unique design or database needs with the addition of an external Plug-in designed directly from your specifications by ExchangeIT.

CardExchange® ID software programs allow users to manage and create ID Cards, Access Control Cards, Membership Cards, and Loyalty Cards using a simple, four-step process:

  1. Selecting a card layout
  2. Choosing an ID data record
  3. Adding a photo
  4. Printing the card

    Some of the features in CardExchange® ID software programs include:

    • Module design so you only buy the functionality you need
    • Advanced database capabilities, including pushing and pulling from multiple databases, advanced queries and internal views, field customization, and direct database connections with MS Excel or Access or servers like MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, DB2 and PostgreSQL. For other proprietary databases, CardExchange® supports connections via ODBC.
    • Expression statements which allow the ability to create powerful calculations
    • Unlimited card layouts and database records
    • Predefined card layouts and database connections to help get started
    • Three levels of data filtering
    • Creation of groups for different card layouts to sort cards by division, access level, management level and company
    • Unique printer settings that can be attached to each card layout
    • Contact & Contactless encoding
    • Passe Partout image security
    • Network printing, including printing to remote printers
    • User authorization for different levels of access
    • Customized plug-in’s that can be designed to meet your unique specifications
    • Support of HTML tags, shrink to fit and fit to card features
    • Batch printing
    • Microsoft 2007 look and feel
    • ImageExchange photo editor
    • FaceFind tool to allow auto cropping of photos

    Read more about CardExchange® ID Card Software.