Slot punching cards is an easy way to attach them to badge reels or lanyards – but don’t cut corners by slot punching your cards BEFORE you print, since this can create jagged edges that may break your printer!

ID Card Printing Expert Tip – ONLY Slot Punch Cards After Printing

ID card printers work by running a heated printhead over the printer ribbon, applying the colored or monochrome design to your ID card. Jagged edges and uneven surfaces, like the rough edge of a slot punched hole, can snag and tear ribbons (easy to fix, by taping the ribbon back together) and more importantly damage the printhead.

Why does this matter? Because printhead repairs are costly and take time. Unless your printer warranty covers the printhead (and you are still within the warranty), you could be out several hundred dollars and several weeks without a printer!

What To Do Instead

Instead, slot punch cards after you’ve printed them. Or avoid slot punching cards altogether and put your IDs in badge holders, which have slots for attaching to¬†badge reels or lanyards.


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