ID badge reels are incredibly popular ID accessories because of how convenient they are – they clip onto your clothing, keeping the card easily accessible without getting in the way while you work. Used in healthcare, education, businesses, and more, ID Card Group carries a wide range of badge reels with styles and colors for every organization.

Standard Badge Reels

Standard badge reels come in a range of colors and shapes, making them useful tools in any workplace. Choose from these standard badge reels:

Specialty Badge Reels

Specialty badge reels come in more shapes, colors, and designs than a standard reel, while still keeping your ID cards easily at hand throughout the day. Choose from these specialty badge reels:

Custom Badge Reels

If you want something unique instead of the normal solid colored badge reels, consider customer printed badge reels instead!

With a custom printed badge reel you can add your business name and logo, your school’s mascot, the name of your conference, department names for easy identification, and more. Custom printed designs can be done in either monochrome or full color. Learn more about custom printed badge reels.

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