Like all electronic equipment, your ID card printer should be protected from dusty and debris, spills of liquids, and bumps and drops during travel – protecting your printer is key to keeping it running in top shape for years to come. ID Card Group offers a wide range of printer covers and travel cases for everything from cross-country flights and printers that never leave your desk.

ID Card Printer Cases


Hard printer cases have a durable, hard-form outside (like a hard-sided suitcase) with a foam interior to protect your ID card printer. These are specially designed for flying with your printer for trade shows, events, conventions, and site visits.

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Additionally, some ID card printer models have options for soft printer cases. These cases provide less protection than a hard case, making them ideal for short-term travel by car, train, or subway to local events where the printer is less likely to be damaged.
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ID Card Printer Covers


ID card printer covers are for use in your office or printing location – they cover the printers to prevent dust, debris, or spilled liquids from settling on the printer when it’s not in use. This can help extend the life your printer by preventing damage to the printhead and internal parts that can result in expensive repairs.

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