With Zebra’s newest line of retransfer-ready PVC cards, you can get optimum print quality and a high level of fraud protection all in one durable card.retransfer ready pvc cards

These blank retransfer-ready PVC cards withstood exhaustive testing and, when used with your retransfer printer, deliver the highest quality printing results.

Printing is extra easy when used with Zebra’s ZXP8 printer (firmware 5.1 or later), as the ZXP8 settings are already optimized for the card material – meaning you get high quality print output without having to adjust print settings.

Sold in units of 500, retransfer-ready cards are blank white CR80, 30 mil PVC cards (standard credit card size) that are available in these popular configurations:

Magnetic stripe cards – also known as mag stripe cards or swipe cards – are a popular choice for cards that store data, such as ATM and bank cards; gift, membership, and phone cards; access control cards; hotel key cards; and library and transit cards.

Coercivity denotes the magnetic stripe’s strength or intensity. High-coercivity (HiCo) stripes are magnetically harder than LoCo stripes. HiCo cards are best suited for cards used frequently and that are expected to have a long life.

Composite PVC cards provide high image quality, flexibility and temperature durability. These cards are stronger than standard pvc cards because they are contain a polyester core that is flanked by PVC sides, making them ideal for high-usage or rugged ID badge programs. They also withstand lamination better than standard pvc cards.

The ID Card Group Advantage

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