Fargo 82136 UltraCard Premium Composite PVC CardThe newest Fargo PVC cards – the UltraCard Premium – offer HID/Fargo’s most affordable and resilient composite card construction.

With the highest durability and best value, the new Fargo Ultracard premium PVC cards can withstand card lamination or retransfer card printing.

Why Choose Fargo Composite PVC Cards?

Fargo 82137 Composite HiCo Mag Stripe PVC CardsFargo Composite PVC cards:

  • Contain a polyester core that is flanked by PVC sides (60% PVC and 40% polyester core). This configuration makes them ideal for high-usage or rugged ID badge programs.
  • Use a high quality video grade PVC stock with a polished scratch- and debris-reduced surface.
  • Have a special laminate bonded to the card during the manufacturing process to improve dye receptivity and increase card life.
  • Durability for a card with a standard credit card thickness (30 mil) is estimated at 24 months or 3000 cycles or swipes through a test card reader.

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Fargo 82131 – Large Composite (CR-100)PVC CardsAll are 30 mil thickness and come in units of 500. Choose from CR-80 or CR-100 (oversized):


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