Father Alexis Robinson runs the Institution Presbytérale Claire Lumière – a trade school for boys and girls in Dessalines, Haiti.

ID Card Group met Father Alexis at a family celebration over the summer and learned of his school and desire to have ID cards printed for his students.

After listening to Father Alexis’ needs, ID Card Group recommended the Evolis Primacy printer and CardExchange software as the best solution. The Primacy is a great card printer for medium to large-scale schools because it offers fast output, excellent color punch, superior card coverage, and a modular design that can be upgraded as needed – right in the school’s office.

Haitian Students Have ID Badges Thanks to the Evolis Primacy Card Printer

ID Card Group was able to send an Evolis Primacy printer, printing supplies, and CardExchange card design software to Father Alexis, who has been busy snapping student photos and printing the school ID cards. Father Alexis found the software’s tutorial so easy to use, he was able to create the school ID cards without having to call into ID Card Group’s support department.

Both he and his students are excited to now have official ID badges.

“I am very glad to send you a few pictures of the ID Printer you gave me for my school in Haiti. It helps me a lot. It is the best quality. It is one of the best gifts I can find for the “Institution Presbytérale Claire Lumière” of Dessalines, Haiti. 

“Today we finish with the pictures. Next week we have to make “hole” and distribute them to the kids. They are so happy to see how we make the ID badges for them.

“Thanks so much to you!”

Father Alexis

Thank you, Father Alexis, for all you do! We’re so happy to be able to help.



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