Zebra True Colors Eco-Ribbons at IDCardGroup.com best pricesIf you have a Zebra P110i or P120i ID card printer, you’ll need to perform this free firmware upgrade so that you will be able to print with Zebra’s current line of Eco-ribbons – whether its Zebra color ribbons or monochrome ribbons.

Follow these 6 steps to complete the firmware upgrade.

1. Go to Zebra.com; select Support & Downloads > Printer Support

2. On the Support & Downloads page, select your printer, P110i or P120i, from the drop-down menu

3. On Your Printer’s Support page, select the “Firmware & Service Packs” tab & Click “Download”

Note: You will need to set up an account to download the file. Once your account is active, click on the EULA agreement to download the firmware file. If you are asked to Run or Save be sure to Save.  Make sure you note where the file is saved as you will need to get back to that folder.

4. Locate Your Printer on Your Computer & Select Printer Properties

  • Windows XP users – Go to the Start button and select “Printers & Faxes
  • Windows 7 users – Go to the Start button and select “Devices & Printers
  • Locate your P110i/P120i printer; right click and select “Printer Properties

5. In the Printer Properties Box, click the Device Settings tab & double click “F/W Download”

6. In the Firmware Download Dialog box, Click the “Select File” button & navigate to the folder where you saved the firmware file

This will start the process of the firmware upgrade.  When it is done, your printer will reboot. Congratulations – After the printer reboots, you will be able to print with the new ribbons.

Why Choose Genuine Zebra Printer Ribbons?

Zebra printer ribbons are precision-engineered to the highest standards to work seamlessly with Zebra card printers. Zebra’s patented technology protects your print head by minimizing ink debris, while protecting your cards from dye migration and abrasions, so you’ll save money every step of the way. Because Zebra printer ribbons utilize the latest dye technology available, you’ll get the highest quality print output possible.

The ID Card Group Advantage

As a Zebra Premier Partner, ID Card Group can offer all Zebra card printers and Genuine Zebra Color Ribbons and Monochrome Ribbons, Zebra PVC Cards, and Zebra Cleaning Supplies & Kits with the full technical support team at Zebra standing behind us – and we are able to do this at the lowest possible cost to you – 30-45% off retail prices, plus free shipping on orders $100!


If you need additional help choosing the best Zebra printer or supplies for your organization’s needs, call our ID experts at 877-868-0012 or sales@idcardgroup.com. We’ll make it easy for you!

ID Card Group offers a price match guarantee, provides free shipping on orders over $100, and accepts purchase orders.