A powerful new entry into the ID card printing world, AlphaCard PRO series ID card printers are supplies are designed to help you print high quality, visually secure cards using the built-in AlphaGard watermark technology. ID Card Group is proud to carry the full range of AlphaCard printers, supplies, and software.

AlphaCard ID Card Printers & Systems

AlphaCard PRO series ID card printers are designed for every printing need from one-off on-demand cards to large batches of visually secure ID badges. Every AlphaCard PRO printer comes with built-in AlphaGuard watermark technology, a free year of AlphaCarePlus service and support (a $298 value), and Pro-Xchange hassle-free warranty replacements.

An entry-level print, the AlphaCard PRO 100 is designed for small ID card programs. The PRO 100 prints on-demand cards only. Upgrade your AlphaCard PRO 100 with magnetic stripe encoding or a complete ID card system bundle. The PRO 100 comes with a three year manufacturer warranty.

Designed for mid-sized ID card programs, the popular AlphaCard PRO 500 has a 100 card input hopper and 30 card output hopper for easy batch printing. Upgrade your AlphaCard PRO 500 with dual-sided printing, magneitc stripe encoding, or a complete ID card system bundle. The PRO 500 comes with a four year manufacturer warranty.

For the most affodrable printer in the visual security category, check our the AlphaCard PRO 700 ID card printer. Complete with a 100 card input hopper and 70 card output hopper, the PRO 700 also has options for dual-sided printing, magnetic stripe encoding, and a complete ID card system bundle. The PRO 700 comes with one free Custom AlphaGuard watermark, a savings of $598 (additional designs can be purchased).

AlphaCard Color & Monochrome Printer Ribbons

Printer ribbons are what your ID card printer uses to print your card designs, instead of ink like the desktop printers you may be used to. These ribbons come in a huge range of styles and print yields, so you can print everything from full-color photo ID cards to simple membership cards with a barcode and member ID number.

AlphaCard color ribbons are used to print all the colors on your ID card designs along with black text or barcodes. Available in single-sided YMCKO and dual-sided YMCKOK configurations, each full color ribbon has an overcoat panel for printing the AlphaGuard watermark design.

AlphaCard monochrome ribbons print in only a single color with no shading or gradient. Choose from the high-yield 1,000 print ribbon available in eight colors and metalic finishes, or the 600 print KO ribbon with an overcoat panel for printing cards with an AlphaGuard watermark.

Not sure which ribbon you need? Try the handy “Find My Ribbon” tool at the top of the page to find all the ribbons specific to your printer model. Just select your printer’s make and model to see all compatible ribbons!

AlphaCard Cleaning Kits

To keep your AlphaCard PRO printer running for years to come, you’ll want to use high quality AlphaCard cleaning kits. You should be regularly cleaning your ID card printer to prevent the build-up of dust and debris that can damage the printer; a good rule to follow is to clean your printer every time you replace the ribbon. Cleaning your printer can also solve some technical problems.

Supplies will vary by printer model, but cleaning kits often include:

  • Cleaning pens
  • Extra large cleaning cards
  • Swabs
  • Wipes
  • Cleaning rollers

Every AlphaCard PRO series printer comes with two cleaning cards, and you can purchase addition AlphaCard cleaning kits from ID Card Group.

AlphaCard Card Design Software for PC and Mac

High-quality AlphaCard products don’t stop at just printers and ribbons – AlphaCard also makes the popular AlphaCard ID Suite software (for PC) and AlphaCard ID Builder software (for Mac).

AlphaCard ID Suite v11 software comes in four editions:

  • AlphaCard ID Suite Light
  • AlphaCard ID Suite Standard
  • AlphaCard ID Suite Professional
  • AlphaCard ID Suite Elite

If you have a Mac computer, try AlphaCard ID Builder in four editions:

  • AlphaCard ID Builder for Mac Basic
  • AlphaCard ID Builder for Mac Standard
  • AlphaCard ID Builder for Mac Professional
  • AlphaCard ID Builder for Mac Elite


If you need help choosing the best AlphaCard printers and supplies for your needs, call our ID experts at 877-868-0012. We’ll make it easy for you!

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