The Zebra ZXP 3 card printer is a compact – yet professional – direct-to-card printer for volumes up to 5,000 cards annually.

ZXP3 Major Enhancements

Recently enhanced, the ZXP3’s major improvements have to do with its card thickness (mil) and ribbon capabilities.

Wider Range of Card Thickness

The Enhanced ZXP3 has the ability to print PVC cards in a wide range of thicknesses – from 10 mil up to 40 mil – and its card feeding capabilities have improved as well.

The less thick cards (10 -20 mil) are typically used for business, loyalty or membership cards – those not needing encoding or a lot of data. 10 mil cards are used for monochrome printing and 20 mil for color printing.

30 mil cards are standard thickness and the most common type of plastic card used for ID badges, credit cards, and gift cards.

Though rarely used, 40 mil cards are the most durable card available for industrial environments or specific types of smart cards.

Higher Capacity Ribbons

New larger capacity ribbon cartridges enable the Enhanced ZXP3 to print more cards – whether in color or monochrome:

Note: The new high volume ZXP3 ribbons can be used in both Enhanced and Legacy ZXP3s.  However, Legacy ZXP3s must be updated with the latest firmware in order to work with the new ribbons.  The original ZXP3 ribbons work in both the Enhanced and Legacy versions of ZXP3 – so if you have a large ribbon supply you can continue to use them with the Enhanced ZXP3 – however your volume of cards printed will be lower.

Now With Print Touch™ – Near Field Communication (NFC)

The Enhanced ZXP Series 3 printer now includes Print Touch™, an embedded Near Field Communication (NFC) chip and software.

Now you can read key printer information and launch web-based help pages by simply holding your NFC-enabled smartphone up to the Zebra Print Touch logo on the printer.

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