AlphaCard PRO 100 Starter ID Card System


AlphaCard PRO 100 Starter ID Card System


The AlphaCard PRO 100 Starter ID Card System is a premium low-volume ID card system with all the supplies you need to print right out of the box. PRO 100 printer features built-in AlphaGuard watermark technology.

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AlphaCard PRO 100 Starter ID Card System

MSRP: $1,876
Starting Price: $998

You Save: $878 (47%)

As Configured: $998

AlphaCard PRO 100 Starter ID Card System




The AlphaCard PRO 100 Starter ID card system makes it easy to print high quality ID cards on demand. Backed by a three year warranty, the PRO 100 printer includes free lifetime AlphaCare support and a full year of AlphaCarePlus ($298 value).
New Standard in On-Demand Printing

The PRO 100 uses a hand-fed printing process that lets you create cards on-demand.  Just insert a card into the feed slot to print it; for dual-sided cards, just flip the card over and run it through a second time.

The PRO 100 uses high quality dye film ribbons, available in several different styles. For full colored cards, choose a YMCKO ribbon which includes an overcoat panel to protect the card and print the AlphaGuard design.

Black monochrome ribbons are available with or without an overcoat panel (choose the overcoat ribbon if you want an AlphaGuard watermark on your monochrome cards). There are also monochrome ribbons in a variety of other colors and metallic finishes.

Built-In AlphaGuard Watermark Technology

Print secure ID cards at no additional cost with the built-in AlphaGuard technology using standard printer ribbons and cards.

The hologram-style watermarks are easy to see when light is reflected off the card, but don't interfere with your card design. AlphaGuard makes it easier to identify authentic cards and deters card tampering or duplication.

Choose from four pre-set grid design:

  • Secure shield grid
  • Globe grid
  • Geometric box grid
  • Wavelength grid

You can choose from these designs, and control other AlphaGuard settings, through the printer driver.

AlphaCard PRO 100 Features
  • Single-sided dye sublimation printing
  • Built-in AlphaGuard watermark
  • Full color, single-sided cards in 35 seconds, monochrome in 7
  • Single feed printing only
  • USB connection
  • 3 year warranty with Pro-Xchange
AlphaCarePlus Free for One Year

For a limited time the PRO 100 includes a free year of AlphaCarePlus service and support, a savings of $298. AlphaCarePlus goes beyond the services offered in the free AlphaCare support included with every printer:

  • Setup assistance & training
  • VIP phone & email support
  • 30-day printer upgrade program
  • Free software updates
  • Annual printer check-up
  • Advanced configuration help
  • 25% off extended services

AlphaCarePlus must be activated within 30 days of purchase.

PRO 100 Warranty & Pro-Xchange

The AlphaCard PRO 100 ID card printer is backed by a three year warranty and a two year printhead warranty.

To make printer repairs easier, the PRO 100 includes Pro-Xchange – a program that takes the hassle out of the printer repair process by sending you a comparable printer as a permanent replacement instead of making you send in your printer, wait for it to be repaired, and then sent back to you.

Printer Options

The PRO 100 comes with this printer option:

  • Magnetic stripe encoding

What's Included:

  • AlphaCard PRO 100 ID card printer
  • AlphaCard ID Suite Basic software
  • 100 premium AlphaCard blank PVC cards
  • Full Color YMCKO ribbon – 100 prints
  • Lifetime AlphaCare support
  • One year free AlphaCarePlus support
Card Design Software For PC and Mac

Your PRO 100 system comes with powerful AlphaCard software, available for both PC and Mac users.

AlphaCard ID Suite Light – PC

AlphaCard ID Suite Basic software is a user-friendly software made to design custom cards on demand.

AlphaCard ID Suite Basic provides a software solution for small businesses that are looking to print and manage a minimal ID card program. The Basic edition does not include a database, and is designed for one-off printing. AlphaCard ID Suite Basic makes it easy to design and print professional ID cards and badges with elements such as text, photos and graphics, and barcodes.

AlphaCard ID Builder – Mac

For users with a Mac computer, your system comes with AlphaCard ID Builder software. AlphaCard ID Builder comes in several different editions with a wide range of features.

AlphaCard ID Builder Basic is entry-level software with a built-in database that holds up to 300 records (100 with photos). AlphaCard ID Builder Standard has an unlimited built-in database or can connect to an external XLS, XLSX, CSV, or TXT database. AlphaCard ID Builder Professional connects with external SQLite and MSAccess databases, and allows for multi-layout card designs. AlphaCard ID Builder Elite is the most advanced version with ODBC connections to an external database and user management.

Please Note: This printer's Mac driver does not support barcode or magnetic stripe encoding.

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AlphaCard PRO 100

Printer Coverage
3 years
Loaner Coverage
Pro-Xchange Program
Printhead Coverage
2 years
Print Technology
Dye Sublimation
Re-Writable Printing
Card Capacity
Input Hopper
Output Hopper
Single Feed Mode
Print Speed
Full Color
35 seconds
7 seconds
Avg. Cost Per Card
Single-Sided Color
Single-Sided Black
Max. Ribbon Yield
Single-Sided Color
Single-Sided Black
Accepted Card Sizes
Card Thickness
20-40 mil
Features Call if options aren't available online
Available Encoding Options
Contact Card
Contactless Card
Magnetic Stripe
Available Factory Options
Available Field Upgrades
Visual Security Features
AlphaGuard Watermark Technology
Printer Lock Options
Connection Type
OS Compatibility
Mac OSX 10.5 Leopard
Mac OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard
Mac OSX 10.7 Lion
Mac OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion
Mac OSX 10.9 Mavericks
Mac OSX 10.10 Yosemite
Mac OSX 10.11 El Capitan
Windows XP - 32 bit
Windows XP - 64 bit
Windows Vista (32 Bit)
Windows Vista (64 Bit)
Windows 7 (32 Bit)
Windows 7 (64 Bit)
Windows 8 (32 Bit)
Windows 8 (64 Bit)
Windows 10 - 32 bit
Windows 10 - 64 bit
Windows 2003 Server - 32 bit
Windows 2003 Server - 64 bit
Windows 2008 Server - 32 bit
Windows 2008 Server - 64 bit
Mac Compatible
Physical Specs
10.6” L x 8.4” W x 9.1” H
9.7 lbs
Available MPNs
Customize System
Customize System

Customize your System Components

AlphaCard PRO 100 ID Card Printer
AlphaCard PRO 100 ID Card Printer
This printer can be upgraded with magnetic stripe encoding to hold cardholder data. If upgrading to magnetic stripe encoding, be sure to also select magnetic stripe cards.
* = Required Option
ID Card Software for PC or Mac
ID Card Software for PC or Mac
* = Required Option
Alphacard YMCKO Ribbon Card Bundle 100 prints
AlphaCard PRO YMCKO 100 Print Ribbon/Card Pack
* = Required Option
All AlphaCard PRO printers also include a free year of AlphaCarePlus support, a savings of $298. AlphaCarePlus® goes above and beyond standard AlphaCare services to include priority phone support, free software updates, an annual printer check-up, and other advanced services.
As Configured: $998