Evolis Tattoo Rewrite Printer - Single-Sided


Evolis Tattoo Rewrite Printer - Single-Sided


The Evolis Tattoo Rewrite Monochrome ID card printer is compact, easy to use, and features environmentally and cost-friendly rewritable card printing technology that allows you to print and erase the same card up to 500 times - no printer ribbon necessary!

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Evolis Tattoo Rewrite Printer - Single-Sided

MSRP: $1,690
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Evolis Tattoo Rewrite Printer - Single-Sided




Evolis sets another industry standard with the innovative Tattoo Rewrite card printer that packs many powerful features into an affordable, compact, easy-to-use and environmentally-friendly ID card printer.

The Evolis Tattoo Rewrite boasts rewritable Black or Blue Monochrome plastic card printing technology. A ribbon-free ID printer, Tattoo RW uses special rewritable cards containing a thermochromatic material that turns visible, or vanishes, at different temperatures. This reversible process makes it possible to erase and print on the same card up to 500 times!

Your plastic card turns into a powerful medium that displays temporary or updatable data such as bonus points and special offers on a loyalty card, or the name and relevant details of visitors on a corporate badge.

The Evolis Tattoo Rewrite is:

  • Flexible--let's you print a new card with a erase-encode-reprint cycle that only take a few seconds per card!
  • Cost-effective--requires no ribbon and reusable plastic cards for fewer consumable costs and less waste
  • Earth-friendly--sustainable care printing process helps you be kind to the planet, while maintaining efficiency and security
  • Allows Multiple Data Access Points--allows you to encode data AND print it directly on your plastic cards - great for loyalty, membership, event or visitor tracking.

A wide range of encoding features, including Mag ISO / JIS2 and contactless smart card coupler, can also easily be added to this versatile printer.

The Tattoo Rewrite also includes a handy feature that automatically reads the thickness of the first card in a print job and applies that to the remaining cards in the series. With a print head that snaps in or out without additional tools or adjustment, the Tattoo Rewrite is also very easy to maintain.

The Tattoo Rewrite boasts high-quality print capabilities, producing 500 monochrome single-sided custom cards per hour with 300 dpi standard resolution and large print areas. It also offers a permanent dual feeding mode so each card can be printed from either the front mouth or the rear side card feeder.

Finally, Evolis’ Tattoo Rewrite is sturdy, featuring a completely enclosed, pressure-sensitive design that prevents your cards from jamming and your parts from gathering dust during the printing process.

Contact us at (877)868-0012 for questions about the Tattoo Rewrite Monochrome card printer, including inquiries about Tattoo RW supplies.

Available as
E2061 - Evolis Tattoo ReWrite with Basic Configuration
E2062 - Evolis Tattoo ReWrite with HiCo/LoCo Magnetic Encoder

  • Print Mode -- Monochrome direct thermal (black or blue) - Erasable & rewritable; Line mode for text, barcode and logo printing; Diffusion mode for image/photo printing
  • Encoding options -- Magnetic stripes; Contactless smart cards
  • Print Quality -- 300 dpi print head for premium quality printing (11.8 dots/mm)
  • Connectivity -- USB & Ethernet connections
  • Memory -- 16 MB RAM
  • Input Capacity -- Detachable feeder with a capacity of 100 cards (0.76 mm or 30 mil)
  • Output Capacity -- Detachable output hopper with a capacity of 15 cards (0.76 mm or 30 mil)
  • General Info -- 1-Button and 4-LED control panel and Brilliant Blue cover

  • Printer Features -- Automatic card thickness adjustment; Automatic card loading with feeder or hand-feed (card by card); Maximum print area: 48 x 80 mm (1.90" x 3.15")

  • Print Speed -- Erase/print cycle: 8 seconds per card

  • Resolution -- 300 dpi

  • Drivers -- Windows™ XP and Vista (32 and 64-bit), 2003 Server

  • Warranty -- Printer: 1 year;
    Print head: 1 year*

  • Card Type -- Base material: PVC, PET (rewritable) and paper (direct thermal); Format: ISO CR-80 - ISO 7810 (53.98 x 85.60 mm - 2.12” x 3.37”); Thickness: from 0.25 mm (10 mil) to 0.76 mm (30 mil); Number of erase/rewrite cycles per card: up to 500

  • Card Loading Modes -- Manual and/or automatic feed

  • PC attachment -- USB and parallel Centronics ports (cables supplied), RS 232 on request

*Clause governing the use of Evolis approved supplies - Subject to observance of maintenance procedures

Evolis Tattoo Rewrite

Single-Sided Printer
Dual-Sided Printer
Discount ID Price
Single-Sided Printer
Dual-Sided Printer
Printer Coverage
2 years
Loaner Coverage
Printhead Coverage
2 years (15,000 cards)
Print Technology
Re-Writable Printing
Card Capacity
Input Hopper
Output Hopper
Single Feed Mode
Print Speed
Full Color
8 seconds
Avg. Cost Per Card
Single-Sided Color
Single-Sided Black
Max. Ribbon Yield
Single-Sided Color
Single-Sided Black
Accepted Card Sizes
Card Thickness
20-30 mil
Features Call if options aren't available online
Available Encoding Options
Contactless Card
Magnetic Stripe
Available Factory Options
Available Field Upgrades
Visual Security Features
Printer Lock Options
Connection Type
OS Compatibility
Windows XP
Windows Vista (32 Bit)
Windows Vista (64 Bit)
Windows 7 (32 Bit)
Windows 7 (64 Bit)
Windows 8 (32 Bit)
Windows 8 (64 Bit)
Windows 10 - 32 bit
Windows 10 - 64 bit
Windows 2000
Windows Server 2003
Mac Compatible
Physical Specs
6.54"H x 14.49"L x 7.36"W
5.3 lbs
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