The release of the Zebra card printer, ZXP Series 8, its highly anticipated entry into the world of re-transfer printers, allows you to get the benefits of re-transfer print technology without sacrificing speed and affordability.

The Zebra ZXP Series 8 Re-transfer printer allows you to print full-color images without the problems associated with traditional dye-sub card machines. While efficient, inexpensive and quick, dye-sub printing – which prints directly onto a card using a standard ribbon – cannot produce a truly edge-to-edge card, always leaving a thin white border around each card, and leaves cards subject to wear-and-tear problems.

Re-transfer printers, on the other hand, combine a traditional dye-sub ribbon with a re-transfer film. Rather than printing directly onto a card, a re-transfer machine prints a reverse image on the film then bonds this material to the card. This process allows for:

  • Crystal-clear print quality
  • True edge-to-edge printing
  • More durable cards

As with traditional dye-sub cards, re-transfer printed cards can still use overlays for added card security. All in all, these new features combined with affordability make the Zebra ZXP Series 8 an Editor’s Choice.

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