TEMPBadge products have been used for over 30 years to provide an extra level of security for visitor programs at organizations large and small.

The TEMPBadge Visitor Sign-in Log book is an easy-to-use system to record visitor information and issue expiring badges.


The self-expiring TEMPBadge is perfect for identifying:

  • Visitors
  • Contractors
  • Vendors
  • Other guests

With the expiring temporary visitor badge, there is no need to collect used or expired badges – each expiring badge is good for one day and when expired turns red to signify the visitor pass is no longer valid.

Expiring Badge Choices at IDCardGroup.com

In addition to the temp badge log book, we carry a wide range expiring badge choices:

  • Pre-Assembled Expiring Badges – One-day, preassembled expiring badges
  • Build Your Own Badge – These badges can easily be custom-ordered with many backing choices or custom-printing to work best for your site. Just call one of our ID Experts at 877-868-0012.
  • Expiring School Badges – Manually-issued temporary school badges with School Visitor, Student, Substitute or Volunteer printed clearly on each adhesive badge. Half or One-day options.
  • Expiring Indicators – Small expiring stickers that can be placed on existing badges, clothes or accessories such as hard hats, they offer a low-cost way to add expiring technology at your site.


Contact one of our ID Experts at 877-868-0012 or sales@idcardgroup.com if you need help choosing the best expiring badge solution for your organization – or to order custom printing for your expiring badges.

ID Card Group offers a price match guarantee, provides free shipping on orders over $100, and accepts purchase orders.