The Fargo DTC4500 is a high-level printer/encoder with an optional laminator module. The DTC 4500 is ideal for organizations needing to produce high-security ID cards and badges in high volumes.

Fargo is owned by industry leader HID Global. Watch this short video overview to learn more.


Fargo’s DTC4500 Printer

  • Prints a high volume of cards quickly and with versatility – either single or dual-sided
  • Encodes data for magnetic stripe and contact or contactless smart cards
  • Offers built-in USB and Ethernet connectivity
  • Provides greater capacity with a standard dual input hopper capable of holding 200 cards
  • Comes with password-protection for preventing unauthorized printing
  • Prints fluorescent images as well as holograms for extra security
  • Adds durability and tamper resistance with optional single or dual-sided simultaneous lamination
  • Fully compatible with Asure ID® card softwarefor badge design, database management and technology card encoding
  • Earth friendly EnergyStar® certification for efficient energy consumption

Fargo printers are synonymous with quality, reliability and performance - even more so now that Fargo has become an HID Global company.

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