Looking for a complete student and visitor ID system with attendance tracking software for your pre-school, K-12, or college campus?Teacher in a Box Student Attendance Tracking System Kit from ID Card Group

Check out our Teacher-In-a-Box Attendance Tracking Kit  – a pre-packaged system with top-of-the line hardware, software, and accessories – all pre-configured to work together – right out of the box.

School Attendance System: Everything Needed to Badge & Report

The student attendance and tracking system enables you to badge, track, and report on all students and visitors entering and leaving the campus. It integrates seamlessly with existing data and computer systems, providing a low cost, easy solution for any medium to large-sized educational setting.

Using the system, your school can easily:Sample student ID card

  • Create and print plastic student photo ID cards and temporary adhesive school visitor badges
  • Track student attendance
  • Record tardiness
  • Issue late slips and parent email notifications
  • Track and report on entries, exits, and more

The complete school attendance tracking system includes everything you need for student and visitor identification and tracking:

Custom Student ID Solutions

Looking for a more customized student or visitor ID system? Contact us with your requirements and we’ll configure a solution to meet your individual needs. We carry a broad range of visitor ID and access control products and routinely create customized solutions for customers.


Contact one of our ID Experts at 877-868-0012 or sales@idcardgroup.com. We’ll make it easy for you!

In addition to the bundled School ID and attendance system, we carry individual visitor and student ID components, such as:

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