Shop rewritable ID card stock at below retail prices Looking to reduce waste and cut down on ID card supply costs? Rewritable PVC card stock may be for you.

Rewritable plastic PVC cards offer the remarkable ability to erase and rewrite ID cards multiple times – making rewritable stock rewritable ID cards popular for printing on the back of:

  • Event tickets
  • Membership cards
  • Conference credentials
  • Student IDs

Shop rewritable card stock at below retail pricesRewritable cards are great for conventions and conferences, customer loyalty card specials, library card information, school athletic schedules, visitor information, and much more.

Choose from:

Works with Any Rewritable Plastic Card Printer

Best of all, rewritable card stock works with any rewritable plastic card printer!

Each PVC card is standard credit-card sized (CR80/30-mil thick) with a rewritable surface on one side and pvc thermal printable surface on the other side.

How Rewritable Printing Works

Using special rewritable card stock, ID card printers with rewritable technology can write, erase and rewrite text and images hundreds of times in single-color (monochrome) blue or black print.

Rewritable cards have one glossy side in PVC for color/monochrome dye sublimation printing and a matte finish rewritable back side with a blue or black thermo chromic material that can be printed for up to 500 rewrite cycles, depending on the card chosen.

Shop all PVC card stock – including generic and name brand stock – in popular sizes and styles.


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