Quick Reorder Feature at IDCardGroup.comNow you can easily reorder your card printing supplies and accessories at IDCardGroup.com with our handy Reorder Now feature!

Reorder Now is a convenient way to quickly place repeat orders for the supplies you use over and over – card printer ribbons, blank plastic cards, proximity cards, lanyards, badge holders, reels, and much more!

You’ll find the Reorder Now button on your Order History page within the My Account area – see the instructions below for how-to steps.

How to Use the Reorder Now Feature

  1. Ensure you are logged in at IDCardGroup.com and click the My Account button in the top right area of your mobile or desktop screen.
  2. On the My Account page, click the Order Tracking & History link to access your order history. Your order history will display as shown in the following screen.

    You can find past orders by date or order number. To review the order details and reorder from a previous order, click the View Details or Reorder button to the right of the order number. The Past Order Details page will display.

  3. Review your billing and shipping information, order specifications, and order options in the Past Order Details page. Note – you will be able to change the quantities of your order once you click Reorder Now, but all other product, billing, and shipping information will remain the same – please check your order details carefully before reordering. Orders placed before October 1, 2013 may have different specifications or options.

    To reorder the item as described, click the Reorder Now button below the Grand Total. Your order will be placed in your cart and you will enter the checkout process. Here you can:

    • Change order quantities
    • Continue shopping
    • Remove the item from the cart and reorder from the product page
    • Checkout




    If you have questions or need help with Reorder Now or any of these new features, please call or email an ID Expert at (877) 868-0012 or sales@idcardgroup.com. We’ll make it easy for you!