Looking for the latest styles and selection of quality badge reels at best prices guaranteed? Check out these new arrivals!

Choose from heavy duty, retractable, lockable, swivels, sliders, and twist-free styles and combinations – including strap-on and clip on reels – in many shapes – some as low as .60 cents each!

Many of these new reels come from Key-Bak Manufacturing – and are made in the USA. Key-Bak has been producing retractable reels for over 60 years and has an outstanding reputation for making the longest lasting reels on the market.Shop our large badge reel selection now at IDCardGroup.com

Heavy-Duty/Retracting Badge Reels

  • Key-Bak SecureIt Gear Reel – sturdy retractable reel made from KEVLAR that can handle up to 8 ounces of retraction force with a whopping 48 inch extension! These gear reels are built to withstand heavy-use and rugged environments! Perfect for keys, flashlight, GPS or hand tools.
  • Key-Bak Super 48 Key Reel – includes a self-retracting quick-extension reel with key ring that locks into place. This reel can hold up to 25 keys and features a Slide Belt Clip. It can handle up to 10 ounces of retraction force with a 48 inch extension.
  • Mini-Bak Round Key Reel – a heavy-duty retractable reel that can hold up to 4 ounces to a 24 inch extension. Features a three-strand nylon cord with a precision spring-loaded reel mechanism has been tested in excess of 180,000 extension cycles! These Mini-Bak retractors have a clear vinyl strap clip end fitting to hold slotted cards, and a handy swivel-clip.

Twist-Free Round Badge Reels

Badge Reels with Swivel or Slide Clips

Bulk Badge Reels

Tub-O-Reels – A handy alternative to buying single-color badge reels for your crew. The tub includes 100 standard round badge reels – the most inexpensive badge reel style – that come in multiple colors, including solid and translucent.

Made in the USA Badge Reels

Many of these new badge reels are made in the USA and manufactured by Key-Bak, a company that has been producing retractable reels for over 60 years. Key-Bak has an outstanding reputation for making the longest lasting reels on the market.

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